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  1. Apr 14

    the end of ‘talk of the nation’ and my opinion on news programs

    i just found out that one of my favorite public radio programs,talk of the nation,is no longer going to be produced after july,and they’re going to replace it with a two hour version of here and now. i don’t really like here and now because they just have short pieces of fluffy things,and i’m looking for news and intelligent discussion. this is why i watch pbs newshour,which to some people is boring,and can’t stand most regular news broadcasts. they just repeat the same things over and over,and there is no substance. that’s just my rant for the moment.

    1. churchofpoetry said: Sorry about your favorite show going off the air. People keep telling me I need to listen to BBC or to Al-Jazeera. Have you ever tried those?
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